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Nearly everything has data associated with it (e.g. social media, search, retail, healthcare, e-commerce, entertainment, politics, logistics, etc.) and anyone that has worked with data understands how powerful it is. In today’s world, DATA really IS the new GOLD.

Complete beginners are introduced to data science the best way, through play, in an easy to learn card game format – no computers needed. Ideal for families, classrooms, and anyone looking for a game that can also teach and reinforce real-life skills.

Data is structured in a simplified, but accurate way compared to a real database. This allows for an easy playing experience while gaining the real skills needed to work with much larger data sets with many different tables and columns.

All moves in the game are based on REAL SQL QUERIES. A query is a complete request to manipulate data in some way. In this game, SQL is used (pronounced “sequel,” Structured Query Language) which is a popular language that computers also understand.

Ages 8+, 2-4+ Players, ~30-60 min


DATA is the new GOLD. The player with the most data (row cards) owned or sold, when no transactions cards are left to play, wins the game. The more data is in play, the more challenging the game becomes. Data cards are interchangeable between packs and can include practically any information – animals, toys, biology notes, Pokemon, celebrities, medications, cars, memes, etc.


Each player starts with 3 cards, hidden in their hand. Players take turns in a pre-determined order. At the start of each turn, the player will first draw 1 card from the transactions deck. The player must then play one of their 4 cards, even if it has no effect, while announcing any chosen information highlighted (in various colors) on the card. The game continues until no transaction cards remain in any player’s hand.

The 4 Types of Cards (Transaction Cards)

INSERT: The most common and valuable type of card in the game. When played, the data that is inserted into the database (on the front side of the card) is revealed to all players. When sold, the card is flipped back and placed elsewhere to indicate that the current owner was paid.

SELECT: The most powerful type of card in the game when combined with the right data. Other companies want your valuable data and this card provides the means to find and sell that data. When played, data ownership does not change and the sale counts towards the current owner of the data.

DELETE: The most destructive type of card in the game. When played, affected data is permanently removed for the duration of the game. Be mindful when playing this card, it may have bad consequences if the conditions required by the card are not carefully considered.

UPDATE: This type of card changes the values of the data that exists in the database. Within the game, this is limited to changing the owner of the data which is signified by physically moving owned cards in front of the new owner.

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